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Shea Goli

Shea Goli is driven by the arts. As a gallery associate at the Suzanne Geiss Company, her focus is on the comprehensive support of artists and their wide-ranging, ambitious visions. Motivated by a commitment to innovative art across multiple disciplines, the SGC’s program encompasses historical exhibitions, shows by both established and emerging artists as well as a range of site-specific artist projects. Goli received a BA in visual culture at NYU before pursuing a masters degree in Design History and Theory from Parson’s School of Design. Before joining SGC, she worked on various art projects, interior design and as a sales girl/blogger for Opening Ceremony. Energized by brand strategy, design for social innovation and collaborative, creative projects, Goli’s interests expand far beyond the white cube of gallery walls.

What’s hot right now?
Spotify! I really cannot thank the brains behind that enough. It’s a true testament to how a simple idea, when executed with affectibility and awareness, can be life changing. I have been making lots of mixes with Future Islands, House of Wolves, Wu Lyf and the lovely Lana del Rey. And visually I think Adrian Ghenie, Adam Dix, Kristin Baker and the Stillhouse colllective are making interesting and stimulating works.

What are you looking forward to most in the new year?
The new and affordable womenswear line “Karl” by Karl Lagerfeld. The Cindy Sherman retrospective at MOMA Stillspotting NYC project at the Guggenheim. Trying more restaurants in Brooklyn like St. Anslem and Vinegar Hill House. And working towards being a more socially conscious consumer all around!

What do you think are going to be big trends?
Modern Folk. We are increasingly a “making culture” and I think we will see a myriad of translations of this ethos.

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