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Sonny Groo

Sonny GrooWhat’s hot right now:

Personality. Look beyond the speedy-fashion and create you own style. The way you look should show the person you are. Fashion is not the same as style and in a time such as this, where the internet holds the biggest power and the world gets smaller by the second, it’s important to stand-out. And by this I don’t mean another pair of skinny jeans or a short Agyness-hairdo.

Invest. Try to spend money on yourself. As said above, style is a very important thing. But do you really know who you are? Invest in yourself, travel, meet new people, explore. Invest in things you can’t buy: relationships, courage and memories.

Future. Touchscreen, hologram, robots. Together is a key word for the future, as together we will discover a whole new way of living and working. No matter age, no matter where you come from or may go to. The future is hot, but this is the period of time we’ll think back on.