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Tatiana Blood

Tatiana BloodBorn and raised in Saint Petersburg, Tatiana Blood knows the art of translation. Already fluent in Russian and English, she first became a successful interpreter and built a career as a PA. She later shifted her focus to international fashion and branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, where she developed a keen eye for styling and personal shopping. She freelanced for a Moscow based image-consultancy before founding her own company, Spot On Style.

What’s hot right now?
Living in a digital world, a personal social media concierge is a must. DeeBlanche Inc can run your blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Not only does it save time, but it brings success to your business. Master classes with world-renowned artists and designers like Koos Van Den Akker via livestream. Blogs with inspirational images and nothing else. Young and talented Finnish illustator Emmi Ojala. Photographer and “It girl” of the moment, designer Ulyana Sergeenko.

What’s the secret to building a fierce wardrobe?
It is crucial to invest in well-made wardrobe staples like a trench coat, a little black dress, a cashmere sweater, a button down shirt, etc. Those items are never OUT of fashion and therefore will be with you for years. You might be tempted to spend your hard-earned money on an “It” bag, but trust me, next season there will be a new favorite and you might be left disappointed. It is important to accessorize—with accessories, you can show your true personality and have the freedom to experiment. Most importantly, always buy clothes that make you feel confident and empowered.

Who are your style icons?
A style icon, for me, is someone who has not only a great personal style, but someone who influences and continues to inspire artists, fashion designers and photographers. I see Diana Vreeland as a pioneer of fashion editorials we see today on pages of the most coveted fashion magazines. She had a great outlook on style and fashion. I absolutely love Ali MacGraw, who epitomizes American style and continues to inspire fashion designers to date.

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