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Vickie Hayward

VIckie HaywardVickie Hayward is creative director of the JaguarShoes Collective, an arts organisation grown from renowned venue and exhibition space DreamBagsJaguarShoes. A trained silversmith, blacksmith, set and prop designer, she is also one half of Shula’s Wigwam, a collaborative project with renowned illustrator Chrissie Abbott in which they DJ and create unique experiential installations and parties. Using both her natural intuition and the JaguarShoes Collective’s venues, products and publications, Hayward’s output has proved hugely influential on wider creative trends, and she has helped provide great exposure for the many relatively unknown artists who work with JaguarShoes Collective.

What’s hot right now?
My favorite things right now are Duluth and Filson they are beautiful and functional and have made every other bag I own irrelevant. The hand screened Patternity tights. The tea set that we just produced with Matt Furie because it combines amazing art work with my undying love for yorkshire tea, and also the This Is It Collective who I just worked with on our latest show. I was totally blown away by their talent, the standard of their work is phenomenal. These really are the ones to watch. Styling and Salvage furniture. I’m a keen cook so Le Creuset pans and Opinel Knives will always be in fashion in my eyes.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in east London in terms of fashion, culture, art?
In fashion, I’m not sure there is anything that I could pin point as being the biggest change because it’s a never ending stream of new sub-cultures. The cultural area, meanwhile, has developed into a hub for emerging illustration. Since we opened, illustration has spilled out into every aspect of life—in the ’90s it was a dead media, but throughout the whole of the naughties it has grown steadily and is now a staple in every media. Illustration is booming, it has become an intrinsic part of our culture, and it certainly genesised here in east London! The rise of the artists we have worked with [has changed]. Just a few years back, they’d be selling their work for £100s and now it’s worth £1000s. I remember when we brought the Parisian photographer JR over for a show in 2006. It was his first in London, and two years later he returned to show at the Tate Modern. That was pretty insane.

What trends are palpable right now?
I think the move towards buying quality classics that has developed over the last few years will continue. Men’s fashion seems to be way ahead in this area, which is probably why lots of girls are now buying and borrowing men’s clothes and accesories. I think there is a shift in homewares towards craftsmanship as well (nothing to do with Kirtsy Allsop), so hopefully the Ikea catalogue will be going in the bin.

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