Tretorn's Sleek New Boot

Saddle up shoe lovers, because Swedish footwear company Tretorn’s newest venture is finally coming stateside. Thanks to a collaboration with equestrian distributor EquiFit, Inc., Tretorn is launching their high-performance riding boot (previously only available in Europe) in the US, proving that some old ponies can be taught new tricks.

A collaboration between Tretorn and Swedish show jumper Malin Baryard, the high performance boot is a completely new way of looking at the standard leather designs sported by riders for years. Comfortable enough to wear on and off the horse, the model provides superior technology such as an “easy on and off” rear zipper, adjustable side laces for a slim calf line and high friction microfiber on the inner calf of the boot to deliver improved grip on the saddle. Currently available in black and red, the boot is lined in soft calfskin, cushioned in the soles for comfort, equipped with heel and ankle supports as well as given non-slip rubber soles for when it rains.

Already selling out cross Europe, we smell an equestrian trend blowing in the breezes. And if the recent developments of active wear moving into more stylish arenas is any indication, this untapped market will be a big hit for all. Snag a pair for your self at the NYC Tretorn store, or online.

—Kyle Landman

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