Tsovet Times Keeps With The Times

With a face reminiscent of a compass, Tsovet Time Instruments will
keep its wearer from getting lost amid lesser watches. Designed with industrial and traditional elements, these timepieces are
far more than they first appear.

David Bonaventura started the company last summer with a mission to bring together minimalist design and total
utility. Using Italian leather bands and Swiss gears, these
instruments are of the highest quality both inside and out. Their
inspiration is found in Frank Lloyd Wright’s simple architectural
lines and the gauges and levers found in an airplane’s cockpit.

Tsovet uses exaggerated, large numbers on its watch faces, complemented by classical colors in mechanical silver, black and browns. Accented by
brighter hues, the watches bring a modern twist to the explorer’s
vintage tools. The company caters to a clientele that prefers to make
their everyday time telling as innovative and exploratory as the first
drivers and pilots.

Tsovet was introduced in NYC at the (capsule) show in July, and will
appear there again in January.

Until then, visit www.tsovet.com for more information.

—Grace Edinger

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