TV Takes To The Street

Australian fashion label TV is all about capturing the visual allure of the small screen. Created by Ingrid Verner and Monika Tywanek, the collection features leopard print-inspired patterns, tailored box pleated pants and over the top chunky knitwear.

After meeting in high school, Verner and Tywanek reunited at Art College and have been a powerhouse of fashion ever since, combining the former’s designs with the latter’s innovative textile development. Known for fine tailoring and extreme knitwear, the label has slowly built a following among people who appreciate complex design that don’t stick to traditional fashion rules.

TV’s latest collection, “Lucky,” will be sure to set trends within style circles both Down Under and abroad. The jumbo sweaters and dresses can be set off with the ultimate accessory from the line, the Road Kill Possum scarf. Declaring it their most daring season to date, “Lucky” follows in the footsteps of animal print-loving Jackie Collins and other early TV-land divas.

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—Retna Wooller

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