Valery Demure To Launch E-Shop

valery-demure2Valery Demure, the 360-degree agency and go-to showroom for the latest in accessories and jewelry, is now moving into the realm of e-commerce. The Valery Demure e-shop will offer an eclectic range of accessories, modern and vintage jewelry and special one-offs for both men and women. The French figurehead aims to create a retail haven for shoppers with an uncanny taste for fashion. And with a reputation cemented in launching cutting-edge designers, Valery Demure is easily destined to become the next leader in fashion-forward retailing.

The e-shop will offer handbags, belts, millinery, sunglasses, scarves and jewelry from an eclectic mix of international designers, some of which are currently represented by the agency. Painter-turned-jewelry designer Alyssa Norton, for instance, gained notoriety after collaborating with Narcisco Rodriguez and is known for combining indigenous techniques with vintage stones. Her vintage diamante and braided silk bracelet features multi-colored braided silk thread with matching tassels and a woven white diamante fringe. Like Norton, Maryam Keyhani was also a painter before transitioning into jewelry. The self-taught designer creates bold statement pieces that combine dense metal chains with delicate feather and leather accents.Meanwhile, Israeli designer Smadar-Pola Azriel of Paula Bianco designs unique accessories as well as jewelry. Her delicate gauze and lace foulards are an LA favorite and her chunky cuffs and necklaces combine traditional techniques with a personalized playful aesthetic. All of these designers will be offering exclusive pieces through the new e-commerce store.

valery-demureDemure’s distinguished social circle has already pledged support for the new platform. Her mix of shop owners, gallery owners, DJs, and chefs will model looks in a street style motif. “They are people we meet for work and pleasure, and they work in different fields,” Demure says, “they inspire us, they are not models, they are not wannabes, they are interesting and they are who they are and we love/like them for who they are.”

Guest designers will also make their debut each season with fresh collections. Carefully selected, the guests are “real people who surround us—friends, collaborators—they have a talent.” To start, we can anticipate pieces from the avant-garde Heaven Tanudiredja, conceptual design team Ek Thongprasert and the self-taught porcelain artist Patrick Moulin. The Valery Demure E-shop launches in September and will be available internationally.

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  1. i am sure you will be very successful with your e-commerce venture and i hope to be as well known as you are one day with my e-commerce business. You really do have some exceptional pieces that really stand out from the crowd.

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