Weardrobe And Like.com Join Forces For Optimal Street Style Shopping

Street style websites are a bittersweet phenomenon. On the one hand it’s exciting to marvel over an outfit worn in Helsinki or Cape Town or Dubai, but, on the other hand, there’s no attainable way to get a hold of the pictured items. Until now, that is. Like.com’s recent acquisition of Weardrobe, an already popular street style site, is taking the trend to a new level by introducing a visual search technology that will scan the internet for items to match the snapshot fashion you select.

Munjal Shah, Like.com’s CEO and the mastermind behind this new product launch, observes: “In many ways [street fashion] is the democratization of style—no longer is style just something that trickles down from royalty or celebrities.” Though websites such as Weardrobe have helped to encourage this newly egalitarian fashion discourse, Shah also noted that his company’s initiative was compelled by the underlying inaccessibility of the clothes themselves. “Street style sites are a bit of a tease,” he explained. “They show you great looks but you can’t buy them.”

Weardrobe’s founder, Suzanne Xie, echoes this dual need for interactivity and accessibility: “Our community is looking not only to inspire and be inspired but also to replicate creations in their own closet.” The website already pairs street fashion photos with links to comparable styles, making Weardrobe a perfect fit for Like.com’s new product. “Joining Like.com is exciting because the additional resources and technology create a more satisfying experience for Weardrobe users,” Xie adds.

Using its patented Likesense™ technology, Like.com’s innovative move will open the door to greater availability and communication among fashion lovers the world over. “I think this is a major step forward in how you shop for fashion,” Shah says. “Like.com’s visual search was a significant step forward when we launched it three years ago, but it only let you find aesthetically similar items. It didn’t let you find an item from an outfit in a photo.”

With the increasing intersection of fashion and technology, this is one new initiative that will appeal to everyone.

—Chelsea Bauch