Wintour’s Messy Exit?

Rumors o’plenty swarmed from Condé Nast insiders at New York’s exclusive Waverly Inn last night, as corporate colleagues further raised eyebrows on Vogue head Si Newhouse’s meeting in Paris with Carine Roitfeld. The pair met to work out the final details of the French Vogue editor’s move to New York, "where she is expected to take over flagship Vogue from Anna Wintour immediately after New Year’s," Gawker gossips.

Wintour recently snapped at a reporter at the National Magazine Awards, telling her to "Just go away" when asked about the ed-in-chief’s expected impending retirement. The salty reply fed suspicion that the two-decade tenured Wintour is "worried about being pushed out by Newhouse before she’d lined up a soft landing elsewhere" in such a shaky global economy.

In Wintour’s laundry basket of personal embarrassments, though, one can find the closure of Men’s Vogue, the Vogue Living "experiment" and the cancellation of Fashion Rocks, as well as slipping numbers at the mother mag itself, "as competitors leveraged reality television to undermine the title’s dominance over the world of fashion." Not exactly fashionable exit one might have imagined. Au revoir, Wintour?

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