WWWWD Parodies Fashion Publications

Toward the end of New York Fashion Week, a mysterious message was emailed to numerous editors, presenting the newly launched publication Worldwide Womenswear Digest (aka WWWWD), a brilliant parody of the famous industry source Women’s Wear Daily (aka WWD).

The spoof site covers industry news, fashion gossip and offers an inside scoop on runway coverage. Despite this up-to-date and partly factual information, the stories are often twisted or, usually, completely invented. In the first issue, for example, the cover story proclaims that shoes are back: “From Givenchy and Chanel to Dior and Armani, shoes were all over the runways at last month’s Haute Couture collections.”

These playful send-ups create industry inside-jokes with playful subjects such as Carolina Herrera’s new tattoo, Marc Jacobs diffusion line Marc by Marc by Marc by Marc Jacobs, Henry Holland’s optimism despite a Caps Lock malfunction and the return from the dead of ’50s supermodel Dovima. Even more outlandish “news” includes the revelation that Candy Pratts Price ate one of her interns due to a lack of lunchtime take-out in her neighborhood and that the true identity of the Gossip Girl narrator is, in fact, Donatella Versace.

No one really knows who’s behind the project and New York magazine’s blog The Cut is already abuzz with reader speculation after it was discovered that WWWWD‘s first Facebook fan was Nylon‘s Faran Krentcil. Our email inquiry to the mysterious publication was met with an appropriately polite and coy response: “We are a collective of fashion journalists who love fashion, but at the same time see humor in its silliness. We thought it was the perfect time to poke a little fun at the industry we love. Everyone could use a laugh right about now!” The email was signed by WWWD.

Whoever they are, this group of journalists knows the fashion scene very well and have kept a great sense of humor regardless of the global crisis. All this may be nonsense, but we’re already hooked and can’t wait for their snootier, send-up of Vogue.

A free print version of WWWWD can be found at selected locations around NYC or downloaded off their website. The next issue will be out for New York Fashion Week in September.

—Nora Baldenweg