Zuzunaga Studio

ZuzunagaCristian Zuzunaga has an eye for pixels. The Barcelona-born designer/artist is recognized for his prismatic graphic interiors and fashion accessories. Trained as a type designer, Zuzunaga creates captivating imagery from digital geometric shapes then transfers them onto textile fabrics for cushions, couches and scarves.

Zuzunaga manifests urban living into every collection, drawing inspiration from modern architecture and culture. His recent curtain collaboration with Danish textile company Kvadrat was a testament to this creativity and vision. The unique collection featured overlapping shapes in prints and weaves that revealed skylines and cityscapes at a distance.

ZuzunagaMore recently, Zuzunaga expanded his scarves collection to include snoods and shoes. Inspired by the concept of transformation, the Alchemy collection boasts rich textiles derived from photographs of urban landscapes. For the Bitmap series, Zuzunaga compressed prints into arrays of square bits which were then transformed into pale pink and royal blue knit snoods, black-and-white espadrilles and 100% Modal scarves with self fringed hems. The complementing Pixel series features landscape images broken down to reveal hundreds of hidden colourful pixels, resulting in the chromatic square patterns on the Giant Flow scarf made of 100% silk chiffon.

Zuzunaga’s infectious ethos and love for intense hues is a recipe for design success. We look forward to forthcoming collections and collaborations from the London and Barcelona-based designer.

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